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7 Ways J.K. Rowling Changed Childhood For A Whole Generation


  • She made reading a trend. One day everyone was collecting Pogs or Beanie Babies, the next, we were all deciding whether we were more like Harry or Ron, Hermione or Lavendar. For the first time, everyone seemed to have read the same books and had things to say about them. Though reading could be a solitary activity still, it didn’t need to be.
  • She made Y.A. literature a cultural event on the level of boy bands and “Titanic.” Your friends all wanted to go to the Harry Potter midnight release parties with you, argue over the most crushable characters with you, and dress up as your favorites for Halloween.
  • She made reading something to be anticipated. Speaking of those midnight release parties: How about that anticipation-building? When did it become normal for kids to insist on staying up past their bedtime… to start the next book in their favorite series? By creating such a hot literary commodity with seven painfully spaced installments building toward an agonizingly mysterious conclusion, Rowling imbued reading with excitement and anticipation for kids everywhere.
  • She created a literary world that felt close enough to touch, but supernatural enough to thrill. In her deft blend of traditional fantasy elements and traditional British boarding school stories, she offers the perfect, intoxicating balance of familiarity and fantasy, comfort and thrill. You didn’t just want to read about Hogwarts; you really, really wanted to be there.
  • She made us believe magic could happen to us. Harry Potter was a regular kid, and not a particularly happy one, when an owl arrived with his Hogwarts acceptance letter and he found out he wasn’t a regular kid at all. How many of us secretly felt a pang as our 11th birthday passed without that letter? We knew it wasn’t real (probably), but Rowling made it feel so, so real.
  • She knew that words were the real magic, and she got us to feel that way too. Like some other incredible children’s book authors (Lemony Snicket immediately springs to mind), Rowling thinks words are fun, and it’s infectious. The clever wordplay hidden within her name choices, spell incantations, and general terminology ensures kids are learning some amount of linguistic history, if only by osmosis — and for some of us, it helped spark a lifelong fascination with language and meaning.
  • She helped bring books for younger readers into a golden age. Rowling didn’t invent young adult fiction or fantasy, nor was Harry Potter the first very successful book series for younger readers. But after the worldwide phenomenon that wasHarry Potter, publishers couldn’t ignore the potential of that market. Today, Y.A. is experiencing something of a golden age, and it’s hard to say whether that would be true without the Harry Potter mania that opened the floodgates. (x)

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Lestrade just seems really annoyed rather than worried about Sherlock pulling a gun and running.

‘Jesus Christ, the paperwork I’m gonna have to fill out.’

He looks so embarrassed.

This made me laugh.  I love Lestrade so much.

That’s m’boy. “Oh for fuck’s sake. Sherlock. You. Twat.”

Lestrade being like “What the hell am I going to tell Mycroft!?”

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#Lestrade reminds me of that sarcastic single father #always poking his nose into his teenage son’s business #like #Dad why are you in my room what are you DOING #….IT’S A DRUGS BUST #DAD I DON’T DO DRUGS OMG #I know but you’ve been really standoffish lately and coming home late #and last night you brought home a pink suitcase #Son I’d love you no matter what but I’d appreciate it if you didn’t hide things from me #Dad omg Dad stop JOHN IS OVER omg #and on all of the first dates Lestrade takes them to the side #and is all try not to punch him #he’s my son okay and I know he can be hard to handle but #don’t punch him #or hurt him #if you do I will arrest you #you little fucker #HA HA HA I’m kidding I’m sure you’re great #and when the date didn’t work out #DAD THEY DUMPED ME #well don’t commit suicide #omg Dad omg I can’t #Or when the kid is younger and wants to know what sex is #NOT MY DIVISION ASK YOUR MOTHER #but Dad- #ASK YOUR MOTHER can’t talk I am busy #/shoves doughnut in mouth #And when later on his kid is an adult and announces they’re getting married #OH MY GOD REALLY?! #Dad…

I can’t, even. Reblogging for the notes, obviously. Read them if you want a snort in your tea, or coffee, or non caffeinated beverage if you are an alien. Oh! Oh! Just thought of another one!

#Dad, I wanted a holiday with JUST John! You just had one! #Well, I fancied another. #Dad! #And I have the room right next to yours…hello John! #DAD

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Mycroft wears high heels sometimes to show off his legs and arse. He likes the ones that click when they hit the floor. Greg has no complaints except for the fact that Mycroft waited so long to tell him and wear them around the house.

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I’ve been in Spain for like, 20 hours, and someone already stole my wallet AND ID. I’ll never be able to go back home now, goodbye friends

ouch. Good luck honey! *hugs you*

I think your country’s embassy should be able to help you there? :-/
Good luck!

Welcome? Yes, tourists are very popular between pickpockets here in Spain. You need to report to the police and later you can go to the embassy or the consulate.

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