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school doesnt even test your intelligence it tests your memory

it tests my patience

it tests my ability to hold my pee

it tests my ability to keep calm and not slap a bitch


There are four types of people at school.

First you have your Ravenclaws

then your Hufflepuffs

then your Gryffindors

and lastly, your Slytherins.

*slow clap for the harry potter fandom*

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Kurt’s the hotshot now. And after what happened to him a few weeks ago a lot of people look at him as a hero. He’s leading man material.

He’s always been leading man material. I’d watch out if I were you, Blaine, talking about your fiance like that. Mr. Yeah You Will up there in the third gif is about 5 seconds away from jizzing his pants over your boy. I’m sure he’ll be glad to step in if you can’t appreciate what you’ve (somehow) got.

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